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What I can do for You


There is nothing that can't be modeled and textured in 3D. I may model your product, your house, your environment, your character, your animal or any fiction you want to see in digital reality. Preferably in Autodesk Maya but not essentially.

Unity3D Expert

Integration of Assets into Realtime-Engines is an important skillpoint for the modern digital artist. There is a lot more to it than just drag'and'droping the asset into the game. It needs deep knowledge in workflow-definition, testing, performance profiling and asset-organization if you want to have a clean and functional application at the end.

Concept Art, 2D-Design & Texturing

I develop simple apps or prototypes for Mobile, PC or HTC Vive. If you want to take a first look into the capabilities of interactive design for your brand or product, this is your way in.

Animation & Storyboard

If there is something visually to explain then you need a sketch. If there is some story tell then you need a storyboard.

Virtual Reality Expertise

Virtual Reality is the biggest variable in the media-industry. Only a Hype? Just a trending topic? I show you that VR has more to it than meets the eye. You want to amaze people, make people aware of your sensible topic, bring them something closer? There is no better medium than VR for that.

Workflow & Pipeline-Knowhow

Each and every project has its peculiar goals and needs. Artists and Directors want to work as freely as possible in this world of technical hurdles. I can help build up your pipeline, your project structure and help solve problems and issues for your movie, game or other project you want to realize.



Friday, July 17, 2020

'Rundum Gesund' // TV-Show
// AR-Projektion

Capture Media GmbH
German TV-Series about Health

  • Freelance Unity Artist
Production Tasks:
  • Creation in Unity of 
    • Timeline-Steps
    • Simple Animation
    • VFX in VFX-Graph
    • Shader in Shader-Graph
  • Integration of 2D- & 3D-Assets, Animation & VFX in Unity
  • Optimization of scenes
Managing Tasks:
  • Planing of scene-execution & Absprache mit anderen Artists
  • implementation of client feedback 
  • Home-Office & On-Site

Monday, August 19, 2019

'The Elfkins' // Animated Movie
// CG-Supervision

SERU Film Produktion GmbH & Akkord Film Produktion GmbH
3D-Animated Movie

  • Freelance 3D Artist
  • Freelance Supervisor 3D-Props
  • Freelance Supervisor Pipeline
Production Tasks:
  • Creation of Props and Assets: 3D-Modelling and UV-Mapping
  • Supervising a team of up to 4 artists
  • Coordinating & realization of technical checks & pipeline-steps of the overall 3D-production
  • Finding Solutions for technical- and workflow-issues
Managing Tasks:
  • Advisory function for the production-leads of Seru & Akkord
  • communication with global outsourcing studios & intern teams
  • Workign from Home Office, as well as Cologne, Hamburg and Wien


The details on the props needed to work on very close Shots as well.
The sets are decorated with lots of props which are animated throughout the movie.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

'Cultural Heritage VR' // VR-Software
// Software-Development

Julius Fröbus GmbH
Virtual Reality Application

Job Position:
  • Freelance Lead Unity Developer
  • VR: HTC Vive
  • iOS (no VR, only Sketchfab-like App)
Production Tasks
  • Graphical overhaul of photogammetrical Art-Objects (1 Mio. Polygons, 4k-Textures in Physically Based Rendering)
  • Concept Design
  • UI-Animation & 3D-UI-Design
  • Programming of all features in Unity C#, f.e. UI, Tools (VR-loupe, VR-Gallery, materialswitch, scene-choice) 
  • Loading system for more Art-objects
  • Performance Profiling, Testing, Bugfixing & Polishing
  • Independent on-site work
  • Presentation of the application for clients
  • Concept collusion with Fröbus & UI interface collaboration

The art object is a 1-to-1 replication and has been digitized through a complex process.

Different tools support the representation and contemplation of the art object.

The magnifying glass allows objects to be viewed in great detail.

In different room environments, the art objects can be evaluated in new lighting conditions.

The digital representation of the Madonna opens up new perspectives.

A 60-centimeter-high art object can be viewed more easily when it is 60 meters high.

'Horse Farm' // Browser-Game
// Lead Artist

Upjers GmbH
Independent Arts Software GmbH
>>Klicke auf die Bilder zum Vergrößern<<
Job Position:
  • Lead Artist
  • Browser
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
Production Tasks:
  • 3D-modeling, texturing, rendering & overpainting buildings & objects
  • graphical integration of building-customization system
  • asset integration into Unity
  • UI-animations
Managing Tasks:
  • workflow & organisation of graphic-team
  • Client-communication
  • Make sure that all artists stay true to the style

  • First sketches of Lodge

Visual mockup for new style. I created f.e. the barrel, the flower, the bank, the table in 3d and overpainted the whole picture, to give everything the same style

    dekoration-asset: hay trough
    dekoration-asset: Table-Bank
    dekoration-asset: barrel
    UI-animation for the random horse selection
    First UI-Design in a more realistic approach

    'Bibi Blocksberg - Big Broom Race 2'
    // Nintendo Wii Arcade Racing Game
    // Lead Artist

    Kiddinx Media GmbH
    Independent Arts Software GmbH
    Arcade Racing Game
    Job Position:
    • Lead Artist
    • Nintendo Wii & 3DS
    Production Tasks:
    • Create environment assets
    • 2 racetracks designed & built
    • Developed with graphics team at 6 other racetracks
    • Modeling & texturing of 6 main characters, their witches brooms and some minor characters placed on the racetracks
    Managing Tasks:
    • Lead of 5-member graphics team
    • Make sure the style is adhered to
    • Connection between programming, game design & art

    Character modeling in Maya & texturing / material creation in PSD & Nintendoware
    Racetrack in an twirling ghost hotel

    Racetrack arabian market
    level design & 3D-modeling & texturing of Environment
    Racetrack in arabian palace
    level design & 3D-modeling & texturing of Environment

    'Die Drei ??? Kids'
    // Nintendo 3Ds Hidden Object Game
    // Lead Artist

    United Soft Media Verlag GmbH
    Independent Arts Software GmbH
    Point & Click Adventure / Hidden Object Game
    Frühes Concept Art, um zu zeigen, dass wir den Stil der Cover und Comic-Bücher einhalten können.
    >>Klicke auf die Bilder zum Vergrößern<<
    Job Position:
    • Lead Artist
    • Nintendo 3DS
    • iOS
    • PC Standalone
    Production Tasks:
    • 2.5D-backgrounds: Sketching, painting, modeling & texturing
    • Charaktersketches & paint based on Official Styleguides
    • Content Integration: Nintendoware & Unity
    Managing Tasks:
    • Make sure that all artists stay true to the style
    • Connection between programming, game design & art
    • Creation of 6 short ingame-2D-cinematic

    The painted textures helped to maintain the style and the 3D meshes gave the scene a visual depth needed for the 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS.

    I created the textures and geometry as well as the integration into Unity & several object-animation

    We used the parallax effect with strong depths in the image and wide environments. This made the 3D feature of Nintendo 3DS stand out better.

    2.5D-modeling, texturing & content integration in Unity 3D

    Here I integrated & animated the background, which was painted by Sebastian Watzlawek.

    2.5D-modeling, texturing & content integration in Unity 3D

    Here I integrated & animated the background, which was painted by Sebastian Watzlawek.

    2.5D-modeling, texturing & content integration in Unity 3D

    About Me

    Let me introduce myself

    A bit about me

    My name is Ansgar Messmer, I'm a professional Game Artist who finds interest in almost every aspect of Creative Work.

    My goal is to create projects in a motivated team which make myself proud and to expand my skills as an artist.


    Ansgar Messmer

    Personal info

    Ansgar Messmer

    I live and work from Dusseldorf, Germany. But it always drives me out into the world, I eat and cook a lot and pay attention to a balanced
    Work-Life Balance Nerd.

    Birthday: 18 JUNE 1987
    Phone number: +(176) 996 430 78
    E-mail: contact@ansgarmessmer.com

    Curriculum Vitae

    What happened until now

    Permanent employment & Education

    • 2010 - 2016

      Lead Artist
      Independent Arts Software

      In these 5 years my team and I sucessfully finished over a dozen finished projects. There is a lot more to say but I don't know what. So I will just fill this shit up. Happy new fuckin year.

    • 2009

      3D Artist Praktikant

      My first experience as an artist in the gaming industry. In my intern at the well-known german Game-Developer Deck13. I worked there as an Environment Modeler and for some weeks I worked on Matte Paintings.

    • 2007 - 2010

      Bachelor of Arts
      MHMK Macromedia University Germany

      I graduated as a Bachelor of Arts with a grade of 1.7. The study was very practical structured with semester projects and included all areas of media production. I focused my work on computer animation and interactive content.

    Freelance clients

    • 2017, Sept. - 2020, June

      Freelance Unity Artist
      tv-show // SWR-tv-channel, capture media gmbh

      For an AR-Projection I programmed procedures, created effects, animations and materials. The realtime 3d-character was projected live onto the Live-Take of the health-tv-show 'Rundum Gesund'.I especially worked with Unity's Timeline, Shader Graph & VFX-Graph.

      #AR #Unity #VFX #Animation #Asset-Integration

    • 2017, Nov. - 2019, June

      Freelance CG-Supervisor
      animated feature film // seru film produktion GmbH

      For this 3d-animated full feature film, I worked as a cg-supervisor and 3D artist. I was responsible for the entire CG-Pipeline (except Post-Production).

      #Modeling #UV #Workflow #Produktion #V-Ray #Maya

    • 2016, Sept. - 2017, Feb.

      Freelance Unity Artist
      vr-application // Julius Fröbus GmbH

      I developed a VR-application on-site for the HTC Vive. I was assigned for its visual presentation, as well as the software-development and its concept.

      #VR #Software-Development #Materials #Unity

    • 2016 - 2017

      Freelance 3D Artist
      realtime-simulator // Defense Company

      I modeled and textured detailed, realistic 3D vehicles for real-time simulators.

      #Modeling #Texturing #UV-Mapping #Realtime #Sim

    Skills & Things about me

    Realtime Artist
    Autodesk Maya
    Creative Mind
    Unity Engine


    Get in touch with me


    Caecilienstreet 9, 40597 Dusseldorf, Germany

    Phone number

    +(49) 176 996 430 78

    Legal regime