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Sunday, April 28, 2019

'Horse Farm' // Browser-Game
// Lead Artist

Upjers GmbH
Independent Arts Software GmbH
>>Klicke auf die Bilder zum Vergrößern<<
Job Position:
  • Lead Artist
  • Browser
  • Mobile (iOS, Android)
Production Tasks:
  • 3D-modeling, texturing, rendering & overpainting buildings & objects
  • graphical integration of building-customization system
  • asset integration into Unity
  • UI-animations
Managing Tasks:
  • workflow & organisation of graphic-team
  • Client-communication
  • Make sure that all artists stay true to the style

  • First sketches of Lodge

Visual mockup for new style. I created f.e. the barrel, the flower, the bank, the table in 3d and overpainted the whole picture, to give everything the same style

    dekoration-asset: hay trough
    dekoration-asset: Table-Bank
    dekoration-asset: barrel
    UI-animation for the random horse selection
    First UI-Design in a more realistic approach


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    Caecilienstreet 9, 40597 Dusseldorf, Germany

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    +(49) 176 996 430 78

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